General Frequently Asked Questions


Commercial: Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are common to both Residential and Commercial roofing. For questions specific to Commercial or Residential roofs, see the right column. Click on any of the following questions and you will be led to the answer


• What should I look for in a construction contract? 

• Do I need a permit?

• What will a new roof system cost? 


• Do I need a new roof?

 What are my options if I decide to reroof?

• My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

• Can I do the work myself?

• How can I determine my annual roofing cost?

• What are cedar shakes and shingles?

• What is a composition roof?

• Are metal roofs noisy?

• What materials are used on pitched roofs?

• What are my choices for a flat roof?

• Should I have a slate roof installed?

• What are those ugly black streaks on roofs?

• What is the purpose of ventilation?

• What types of vents are available?

• How much insulation do I need?

• Why install a skylight?

• When is the best time to perform chimney repairs?

• I’ve got a brick chimney. Does it really need reflashing?
• Do I need gutters and downspouts?

• What kind of maintenance do my gutters need?

• How do I control moss?

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