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Residential Roofing – Tudor

Tudor Home: 3-car garage, laundry room add-on, and roofing

The client’s home is a beautiful Tudor style mansion located in Hudson, Ohio. We were contacted by the client ’s architect in early 2006 to help design and construct an addition to the home, as well as evaluate the existing slate and flat roofs. This project was completed in four phases. They were:

1.) Construct a 3 car attached garage with a laundry room and tack (equestrian equipment) room, to replace an existing detached 2 car garage
2.) Assess the current condition of the main house roofing slates and flashings and repair/replace as necessary.
3.) Remove and replace the existing gutters and downspouts on the house with custom fabricated copper.
4.) Assess the current condition of all of the existing flat roofs on the house and repair/replace as necessary.

The addition, besides being the main garage, was to be functional for additional storage and to bring the laundry room from the basement to the first floor. Many hours were spent researching and procuring materials and finishes to meet the projects goals.

Our assessment of the roofing concluded that all flashings and flat roof materials required replacement. The homeowners required that we return the flashings and flat roofs to the original condition when the house was constructed, which meant installation of copper materials. We were also directed to affect all slate repairs, add ventilation to the main house, and rebuild the exterior dormer walls.

With the cooperation of the homeowner, architect, and suppliers, we were able to successfully complete this project to the satisfaction of the homeowner in a little more than 6 months, which was 3 months sooner than scheduled.


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After Rough Framing

Completed, before landscaping

Completed, landscaped

Custom fabricated copper flange back box gutters were installed around the complete house and garage addition. The design of the gutters and the brackets was utilized to maximize volume and strength.



The detail (left), an original tin roof (far left), over the master bedroom and the main house was in poor shape with many holes. It was replaced with a 20-ounce hand formed flat lock seam copper roof (immediate left). Every joint was soldered. This roof required a total of over 200 man-hours in the field and shop.



All of the existing flashing details were replaced with 20-ounce copper including chimney flashings, valleys, ridge rolls, soil pipe boots, step flashings and vents. Copper snow guards were also added.

The detail on the left shows the standing seam roof on the laundry room and hallway connector to the house. This copper roof was hand formed from 20-ounce copper sheets.

Far left shows another flat lock seam copper roof with integral gutter. Installed over a bay window.

Rear view of the connecting hallway/laundry room (near left).

Far left shows the front of the completed garage.

Near left shows the back.

Various views of the job after completion.