Key Takeaways:

  1. Investigating roof damage can be difficult from the ground level, but here are some tips on detecting it.
  2. Common signs of hidden roof damage include lifting/curling shingles, moss buildup, damaged flashing around protuberances, granules in gutters, improper drainage, daylight through holes/cracks, ice dams in winter, moss or algae growth, cracked caulk, and rust spots.
  3. Installing asphalt shingles is the most cost-efficient option and typically ranges between $8K-$9K. Other materials, such as composite shingles or metal, may be pricier.
  4. When in doubt, contact a professional for an inspection. Absolute Roofing and Construction Inc., with 35 years of experience in Ohio, offers various financing options to make the process easy and affordable.

While most shingle roofs are visible from the ground level, there can be signs of damage that go unnoticed during regular inspections – whether you’re looking at your own home or vetting a potential property purchase.

Without being able to access the roof to investigate further, looking for hidden shingle roof damage can seem like a difficult task – but don’t worry; we have some tips so that you will get insight into what might be happening with the roof that you can’t see. In this blog post, Absolute Roofing and Construction, Inc will discuss how to look for invisible shingle roof damage before it worsens.

Even If You Can’t See The Damage, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There!

After a hailstorm or icy weather, homeowners may be relieved that their roof appears unscathed. Yet they fail to recognize that damage could still be hidden from view. It makes it all the more crucial to inspect your roof after any severe weather event – especially for those with older roofs already prone to weaknesses and flaws caused by wear and tear. Storms can exacerbate these vulnerabilities resulting in significant damage, so take preventative measures!

Staying vigilant and observant of your roof all year round is an astute decision, particularly if you can do so from the safety of the ground.

Look for These Common Warning Signs of Roof Damage.

1. Shingles Are Lifting, Curling, Or Have Bald Spots

Missing granules or asphalt shingles that can easily be seen from the ground are easy to spot.

2. Moss Buildup On Your Roof

Moss growing on your roof, especially in areas with heavy precipitation and humidity, may indicate water damage underneath as it often indicates moisture seeps in through the roof’s vulnerable parts.

3. Damaged Flashing Around Chimneys And Other Protrusions

Any flashing should be checked frequently for cracks, holes, or corroded metal, as this could provide entry points for water into the home.

4. Granules Collecting In Gutters

if there are a lot of granules, asphalt shingles, or pieces of metal collecting in your gutters, this could be a sign that the home roof needs to be repaired.

5. Improper Drainage

Poor drainage can lead to water pooling around your home, damaging the foundation and surrounding areas if not taken care of quickly. Additionally, it can cause problems with roof materials due to prolonged contact with moisture leading to decay.

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6. Daylight Coming Through The Roof

Suppose you can see daylight coming through holes or cracks in your roof. In that case, there is most certainly an issue that needs repairing as soon as possible before further damage is done.

7. Ice Dams In Winter

When ice accumulates on the edges of your roof during winter, it can create a buildup of water that can cause significant damage if not addressed. It can lead to rotting wood, leaking, and other forms of degradation.

8. Shingle Granules In The Gutter

When your shingles start losing their granules, it could be a sign that they are deteriorating and need to be replaced soon to prevent further damage from occurring.

9. Moss Or Algae Growth

Moss or algae growth on your roof indicates moisture buildup, which can lead to structural issues if not promptly resolved.

10. Cracked Caulk Or Rust Spots

Cracked caulk or rust spots around pipes or vents are a sure sign that water penetration is happening, and you need to have it inspected and repaired right away.

The Cost

Shingles are not only a great way to protect your roof, but they can also imbue your home’s exterior with an eye-catching aesthetic. Suppose you choose to install asphalt shingles, the most cost-efficient material available. In that case, you should expect to pay between $8,000 and $9 000 on average. Although if you opt for more expensive materials such as composite or metal shingles, these costs could soar. However, this investment may be worthwhile to give your property that unique look!

Remember, Safety Always Comes First!

Yeah, it’s always best to call a professional roof inspector or licensed contractor if you suspect any issues with your roof. They will be able to provide you with the proper assessment and advice on how best to address whatever problems they find.

Your roof is an essential protective element of your home – so don’t neglect it! Regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance are key to maintaining its integrity for years. Never hesitate to contact an expert if there are any signs of roof damage – it could save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Stay safe and stay dry!

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