Key Takeaways:

  • Gutter and downspout maintenance is often overlooked, but it’s crucial to keeping your home in good condition.
  • Failing to clean your gutters can lead to clogs, which can cause water to back up and spill over into your home.
  • You will see problems with not just your gutters but with your roof, basement, and structure.
  • Cleaning your gutters and downspout can be risky and complicated, so hiring a professional gutter cleaning service is best.


Gutters and downspouts are aspects of our homes that we hope just work while we don’t have to think about them. However, if we don’t give them the proper attention, they can cause some serious and expensive problems down the road.

Let’s face it. Nobody really likes cleaning their gutters. It’s a messy job, and it’s not exactly fun. However, it’s essential to do it regularly because if you don’t, you could be dealing with some momentous consequences. Absolute Roofing and Construction,Inc will tell you about a few things that can happen if you ignore your gutter and downspout maintenance:

Water damage to your home

When overflow begins because your gutters are clogged, that water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, it often seeps into your home and causes severe water damage. Basement water damage is probably the most common water damage caused by overflowing gutters, but it can also cause issues with your siding, windows, and doors.

A constantly leaking roof.

Probably one of the most lethal consequences when you don’t look after your gutters, is manifested in the form of a leaking and damaged roof. What happens when your roof begins leaking? The ceiling may start to sag, creating an unsightly eyesore in your home. And let’s not forget the constant threat of a collapsing roof.

Problems with structure and foundation.

Gutter and downspout maintenance keep the foundation of your home instant and ensures its integrity. Ignoring such integral aspects of your home can lead to some serious problems like:

  • foundation cracks
  • basement flooding
  • soil erosion


Such problems occur due to the consistent pooling of water under the foundation, which leads to hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is enough to cause the soil to erode and allow water to seep in through cracks, resulting in a compromised residential structure.

Mold is spreading in your home.

Water intrusion in the attic, basement, or crawlspace invites mold in. An interesting thing about mold and mildew is their rapid growth and the fact that they can grow and spread within two days. The gutter and downspout maintenance you have been putting off for some time can cause severe problems like these. So it is always wiser to be proactive and take measures to ensure that your gutters are clean and function in their best condition.

Pests overtaking your home.

Life thrives in water, including you and some very unwelcome guests like cockroaches, rodents, and snakes. These pests can enter your home through the gutter system, and it becomes extremely difficult to get them out once they are in. Not only are they a menace, but they also pose a violent threat to your health and safety. Ignoring gutter maintenance is not something you want to do.

Warranties going null.

We love warranties and the peace that comes with them. However, most gutter manufacturers void the security if you don’t take proper care of the downspout drain pipes and overlook gutter maintenance. Now, if you run into trouble with your gutter system, you can’t just go back to the manufacturer and say, “fix it.”

Breeding ground for pathogens.

Mold and mildew, as we mentioned before, are not the only pathogens that can breed in your gutter system. Plenty of bacteria and viruses make their home there as well. When it rains, all these pathogens get flushed into your yard, where your children and pets play. These pathogens can cause infections and diseases, some of which could even be life-threatening.

Tips for gutter cleaning

Our experts are keen on helping you master the downspout and gutter maintenance game. So we thought, why not include some gutter maintenance tips in this guide?

Here are some gutter cleaning tips from our gutter installation and repair experts:

Clean, clean, clean!

If there exists one gutter cleaning tip that our experts swear by, it is this one. Cleaning your gutters and downspouts regularly is the key to gutter maintenance. While you can get hold of a ladder (and all the safety equipment), it is advisable to hire gutter cleaning services to do the job for you.

Be safe!

If you decide to take the gutter cleaning job on yourself, follow all safety instructions. This means wearing gloves, using a ladder stabilizer, and making sure someone is around to spot you in case you lose your balance.

Don’t flush down everything down the drain.

Your gutter and downspout system is designed to channel water away from your home. However, it is not intended to be a sewerage system. So avoid flushing anything other than rainwater and melted snow down the drain as they may contain harmful chemicals which can clog your drain pipe.

Downspouts must drain adequately.

The lack of proper drainage in downspouts means it is time to take action. Clogged downspouts are one of the main reasons for gutter overflows. After ensuring your safety, an easy way to clean your downspouts is to use a garden hose to flush out the debris. If this does not work, you may need to disassemble the downspout to clear the blockage.

Get your gutter and downspout system inspected by professionals.

Not everything has to be a DIY adventure. Sometimes it is best to leave things to the professionals, especially when it comes to your safety. Hiring a gutter company to inspect and clean your gutter and downspout system comes with the guarantee and mental peace that your home is not facing any debilitating gutter problems.

Ending Note:

Getting your gutter and downspout system inspected at least once a year is essential to ensure it is functioning to its best ability. Neglecting your gutter means putting your home at risk for water damage, foundation problems, and insect infestations. You could be unknowingly paving the way for gutter issues that will cost you a lot of time and money. So get your gutters cleaned today!

Don’t wait until it’s too late and call experts such as those at Absolute Roofing and Construction,Inc, serving Westlake, OH. We are a trusted name in gutters and downspout care and maintenance and offer a wide range of gutter-related services. 

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