The best time to perform chimney repairs is just before the installation of a new roof. Repair work should be performed by an experienced chimney mason and coordinated with the roofing contractor. Special attention should be given to the installation of a proper flashing system, a process that requires the work of both the chimney mason and the roofing contractor.

Have a brick chimney? Does it really need reflashing?

Some roofing contractors will not reflash the chimney unless it is specified in the contract. The truth is that if the chimney is not reflashed when the roof is installed, the chances of the chimney leaking within the next 3-5 years are very high! If you’re going to make the investment of getting a new roof system installed on your home, ensure that it will keep you dry for years down the road. Make sure that the contractor has specified that the chimney will be reflashed.

Bad flashing:

Bad Flashing Example

Good flashing:

Good Flashing Example


Today’s factory-built skylights and associated flashing systems are an excellent way to add light and venting to the home. For best results, skylights are installed with the first roofing layer. Such installation should be coordinated between a carpenter and a roofer.

Skylight Example

An operable skylight can be used to vent the home. It is often used as a substitute for any mechanical air conditioning system. For venting purposes, such a skylight is ideally located on the north or east side of the home, away from the prevailing winds and rain pattern. Many manufactured skylight systems are available with insect screens, shading systems and various methods of operation, including remote control electrical devices.

Skylight Interior Example